Celebrities earn so much money but too little about other people

They earn more than doctors. But some of them, like film directors, do deserve that much. Secondly, being famous means having a lot of fans and being recognized in the streets.


All celebs do is entertain us. In this article, we will be interested in celebrities who have proven that they are super rich. It's lucky that they're good but actors have to work really hard!.

Many people work to save lives and they get less than a quarter of what celebs get. But because we may not be as good as them, or nobody knows of our talent, they get paid lots of money, which is not fair because really they are just people like all of us.

Please Rate Celebrities such as singers and film stars earn too much money, buy too many goods and care too little about other people.

Why do celebrities earn so much money for doing nothing?

Cruise proved he had way too much money back then. Some people believe that it is unfair. For instance in Singapore, there is this competition called star search and almost all the celebrities came out from there. The sentence "care too little about other people," does it only apply to celebrities.

The world has gone bonkers. Others, on the other hand, find nothing wrong with celebrities earning more. Much like Sony produces a television and sells millions of copies of it.

Why do Celebrities/Entertainers make so much money?

They are not helping people or saving people's lives like some other professions and I don't think it's at all fair that they are being paid that kind of money.

Are their skills are worth that kind of cash, or should more stars be taking pay cuts. In this essay I will discuss both sides of the argument before arriving at a conclusion.

I think they should get less money and get as much as they deserve. We have food but they don't!!.

Why the highest paid people make so much money

They create jobs for people involved in catering and logistics. Thirdly, besides their work, celebrities often lead a very active publiclife. It could be sent off to the poor in different countries.

The 25 highest-paid men Winner take all: I know some of you will disagree with me, and think it should be spent on better things, but they earned it.

Some people believe that this is unfair while others think that celebrities deserve to be paid more. As a result stars can only go to a certain places protected by bodyguards and have to protect their homes with security systems.

It is also not uncommon for celebrities to make generous donations to charities. What makes celebrities, in my opinion, is their style.

Major sporting events generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. The money should go to people like doctors and nurses for saving people's lives. Feb 05,  · You are so right i hate it that people who risk there lives get little money compared to celebrities.

Look at some of our celebrities who are in drugs and alcohol and are so greedy and don't care about our elleandrblog.com: Resolved. Once you do make people like you, Hollywood itself is very skilled to make people worship their celebrities: magazines appearance, fragrance sale, your face on neglects-posters-bags, advertising promotion, organization appearance, party appearance, you.

Celebrities Earn So Much Money But Too Little About Other People How much is too much? With gas prices soaring, the housing market crumbling, poverty rates rising, and the country sinking into more debt by the day, money is on a.

Too much money! Celebrities are paid TOO MUCH. Period. Imagine saving lives and helping other people's lives every day and barely being paid enough to support your self. Then you know that singers, most athletes (professional lacrosse players barely get paid anything), and actors are paid like spoiled children and less than half of them use.

Nov 07,  · Why the highest paid people make so much money. It works the same with companies too. They can make more money as more people can afford to buy their products. cell phones and other. The celebrities like actors, singers, on general famous people earn a lot of money and we´re against that because they ask too much money.

On the other hand the humble people work so hard to support theirs family. I do not say the famous don't expend energy, but is EXAGGERATED the money they won On.

Do celebrities deserve as much money as they make per movie or episode or song? Celebrities earn so much money but too little about other people
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Celebrities earn too much money.