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However, the effectiveness of the process can be challenged with the ability of the researcher to handle the identification of bias and sorting out relevant and accurate information from the participants.

Data is usually 'coded' to allow for some degree of quantitative analysis of the different respondents, and often there is the aspiration that the research theory created can be of use to others. Some arguments focus on the military action. There are for important strategy: One of the members of former the Islamic leader Mbin Shex considers that, most of the member of Islamic State has participated in the political process without rational determination.

The analysis will focus on the issues related to sampling, validity, reliability, and bias. This is because, most of them have unknown about the proposition ISIS. Golafshani indicated that within the sphere of qualitative investigation, researchers are more likely to focus on the criterion of dependability, illustrating the ability of the future researchers to replicate the findings.

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It has affected on individual behaviour and individual choice. The arguments for resolve this issue are classified in a wide variety of ways.

However, the case of Islamic State is so controversial. The problem of rigor in qualitative research revisited.

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Suddaby stated that the earlier proponents of grounded theory have identified the sampling process consisting of identification of relevancy of data on the basis of the evolving understanding about the theoretical underpinnings.

Some arguments focus on the military action. It was found that the history and the location of each university was different, in terms of the definitions and perceptions of people who used the space; including the ambiance of the area; both concrete and abstract, were dominated and shown through policies and management style; such as control measures, monitoring and inspection within the market area.

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It considers that how individual and people participate in the Islamic State. Using rational choice Theory as such enables theorists to understand the rationality behind terrorism. A more refined approach has been presented by Rolfe who has considered the use of the criterion of credibility and transferability as an alternative approach to internal and external validity respectively.

The research questions the study purported to answer would be as follows: The ambiguity of the criterion for theoretical saturation encourages the use of great deal of subjectivity in determining the achievement of this objective.

This approach use often mathematically calculable in an experimental framework and through precise interpretation is explainable. A more refined approach has been presented by Rolfe who has considered the use of the criterion of credibility and transferability as an alternative approach to internal and external validity respectively.

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Islamic State has strong military capabilities, resources and an essential effect on the Syrian and Iraqi population. A research problem might be if CBT cognitive behavioral therapy was an effective way to treat young adolescent girls with a diagnosis of BPD.

A consequence could be made between rational or strategic choice theory and other individual or group psychological theories of terrorism. And also rational choice theory, derived from economics, assumes this behavioural proclivity as a given and attempts to explain how changes in policy the rules of the game that is played between terrorists and others political actor.

For the quantitative approaches, the degree of reliability is easier to determine as compared to the qualitative methods. Essay: Rational Choice Theory, Grounded Theory, and Their Applicability to analysis Islamic State (ISIS) Abstract This study seeks to analyse the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

approach, whereas grounded theory is an example of an inductive research approach. The Grounded Theory Research Process The process of building grounded theory consists of different phases, which include deciding on a research problem, framing the research question, data collection, data coding and analysis, and theory development (figure 1).

The Grounded theory in Ethnography is an approach in qualitative research, which are recognized in academic and research circles and widely used in various subjects: Nursing and Psychiatry Sociology. ?Grounded Theory? essay-paper |?Grounded Theory? - essay-paper Critique on Grounded Theory approach for qualitative analysis Dear Writer, Im using the.

Role of Theory in Qualitative Research Five Approaches and Theory Compare and contrast the role of theory in the five main qualitative approaches: Ethnography, case study, narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory Although all five major approaches to qualitative research embrace theory to some degree or another, not all of them value the use of theory to the same degree.

GROUNDED THEORY DESIGNS IN QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS ‘‘Grounded Theory is the study of a concept! It is not a descriptive study of a descriptive problem’’ (Glaser, ).

It is not a descriptive study of a descriptive problem’’ (Glaser, ).

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