Pitbull banning essay

People and parent's of children should not have to be worried or concerned about this clear and obvious, yet blatantly irresponsible threat, when they innocently and casually go for a walk down the street or take a stroll on a public beach somewhere. This aggressive nature helps create their tough and dangerous image and helps cultivate their popularity among owners who are looking for a tough dog.

Dogfighting enjoyed a major resurgence in America in that decade, says John Goodwin, director of animal cruelty policy at the Humane Society of the United States. This intentionally creates a dog that is both dog and human aggressive and will most likely kill other pets and end up being euthanized for biting someone.

Pros and Cons of Pit Bulls

A look at public attitudes toward the pit bull over time reveals how the changing social landscape of America has also changed the pit bull's public image. It argues that instead of targeting specific breeds, municipalities should enforce existing animal control laws and punish the human behavior that leads to dog attacks.

This is exactly the kind of ordinance we need in Rochester Hills to ensure the safety of the families that reside here. If everyone used common sense and compassion when breeding, raising, training, and living with Pit Bulls, there would be no need to talk about banning them. Tips on Writing an Argumentative Essays: Planet venus research paper Planet venus research paper james franco roast rebuttal essay benserazide synthesis essay benefits of playing sports essay hook.

At the same time, the problem encompasses a number of issues unrelated to breed. Rap stars glorify dogfighting in their videos. Earlier, Pitbull announced that this album would have a more gangsta rap edge than his earlier albums.

Unsupervised children and dogs The protection of children is often a special concern driving pit bull bans. The controversy and media attention surrounding pit bull attacks mean that communities throughout the nation are clamoring to protect their citizens through breed bans.

Irresponsible Ownership Legislative reasoning behind pit bull bans also acknowledges the great public safety risk that an irresponsible dog owner can pose.

All of my dogs are highly trained so we don't give ignorant asses any fodder by which to further slander the breed type. The pit bull's former role as a gentle and beloved family pet belies the idea that the ferocity is an innate breed-wide trait.

Pit Bulls: To Ban or Not To Ban?

In Rochester Hills, people should not be afraid to walk down a neighborhood street, or worse, be on their own property and be assaulted by a vicious dog. Use only real evidence that can be proven. Pit bulls seem to differ behaviorally from other dogs in having far less inhibition about attacking people who are larger than they are.

And they're outlawed in Dade County. The Golden Retriever's owner had to kick his dog in the head over a dozen times to get him to release my dog.


He also launched a partnership with the soft drink giant Dr Pepper [68] as part of the campaign " Vida 23 " for which he recorded a song that featured on his album Armando. However, of the approximately dog bite fatalities reported, close to 55 are attributed to pit bulls.

These dogs have a very violent history. Sample Essays. Arguments on Why Pitbulls Should Be Banned. Arguments on Why Pitbulls Should Be Banned.

What can I use for my persuasive speech about Pit Bulls?

Arguments for pit-bull should be banned People generally want Pit Bulls and other Bully breeds banned for 2 main reasons: 1. Thugs who need a tough dog to feel tough intentionally doing everything they can to make their dogs mean. Sep 13,  · Pros and Cons of Pit Bulls. Posted on September 13, by alysone The Pros of Pit Bulls.

elleandrblog.com bulls are low maintenance. Pet upon said, They do need a bath once or twice a week, and should be brushed a couple times a week. After a series of high-profile pitbull attacks including one that killed a Quebec woman earlier this month, cities like Montreal are proposing to ban pitbulls altogether.

Support breed bans on American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the USA and Canada. Pit bulls are considered so trustworthy with children, they're nicknames are "nannydogs" or "nursemaids." Many people believe that pit bulls are dangerous because of their attacks.

This affects the U.S.

Arguments on Why Pitbulls Should Be Banned

because some states are passing a law for banning pit bulls. People think pit bulls are too. Download thesis statement on Pit Bulls in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and delivered according to the deadline.

Pitbull banning essay
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